Six DC Ilbe members will take legal action against IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju haters.


IZ*ONE’s Kim Min-joo sued six haters.

Urban Works opened its official account on the 11th, saying, “We have been monitoring various community sites and watching insulting comments and sexual harassment postings.”

“We inform you that we have carried out legal procedures against six malicious comments that are persistent and excessive among them,” he/she said.

It also released some information on possible malicious comments. First, he pointed to three people in the community ‘DC Inside’. They include “D.C.D. Dawn”, “D.C. Min”, and “D.C.P.P.*”.

The far-right conservative website “Daily Best” also sued three people. “Ilbe_19*07*”, “Ilbe_284**9”, “Ilbe_galbi***sammu**”.

The agency said, “We will continue strong follow-up measures based on continuous self-monitoring and information materials,” adding, “We ask for your cooperation in the future.”

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE made a comeback with their fourth mini-album “One-reeler” in December last year.

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