Jengji Legend Kang Chan-yong Re-signs Ryu Je-hong Cube


League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) legend Kang Chan-yong, creator “Ambition,” has re-signed with Gen.G e-Sports. Gen.G also announced that it has hired famous Overwatch players Ryu Je-hong and ‘Cube’ Lee Sung-jin as a content creator team 토토사이트

“Ambition” Kang Chan-yong is a first-generation professional player in the League of Legends and played as a LCK representative player for seven years, including winning the 2017 Rolled Cup under the Samsung Galaxy (fi Gen.G e-Sports). After retiring in December 2018, Kang Chan-yong has turned into a creator belonging to Gen.G.E. Sports and is actively working on YouTube and Twitch.

“Amvision” Kang Chan-yong said, “It’s meaningful to be able to tell you the news of re-signing with Gen.G, who has worked together from his career to his past content creator activities.” “We will repay the fans’ continued support and interest with new and interesting content.”

Ryu Je-hong started his career as a counter-strike for Lunar High in 2010 and also played as a special force professional gamer. Ryu Je-hong participated in the Overwatch World Cup for the second consecutive year in 2016 and 2017, securing championship titles both times, and winning both the second and third seasons of the 2017 Apex. He switched to Overwatch in 2016 and joined the Vancouver Titans in November 2019 after playing for Seoul Dynasty since 2017.

‘Cube’ Lee Sung-jin started playing professional games with Samsung Galaxy in 2014. He led the runner-up in the 2016 ROLD Cup and the 2017 ROLD Cup, and advanced to the ROLD Cup as a member of Gen.G e-Sports in 2018, making it to the global stage for three consecutive years. Since then, he has joined Hanwha Life e-Sports since 2020.

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