Actor Cha Joo-young

Actor Cha Joo-young said, “Hye-jung, the steward of ‘The Glory,’ plays the role of glamor.””Come out with a little bit of fat on your face.

Actor Cha Joo-young told the secret of maintaining his body shape.

Actor Cha Joo-young

On the 19th, YouTube channel Allure Korea said, “It wasn’t originally a white dress… Revealed for the first time! It posted a video titled “The Glory Drama Behind Story Revealed by actor Cha Joo-young.”

In the video, actor Cha Joo-young played Choi Hye-jung in ‘The Glory’. My role is a stewardess. It is about the fourth in the hierarchy among the five perpetrators. He wants to hang out with his well-off friends, but he is a person who tries hard to follow because the environment is not keeping up. “I’m coming out as the daughter of a laundry house,” he introduced.

“I was really involved from one to ten and got confirmation. I paid attention to different outfits and hairstyles in different situations. When I was a stewardess, I wanted to show a neat appearance and other appearances fluttering like light feathers. I thought it shouldn’t be bland. I thought that I should clearly divide my appearance when I work and in private, so I made it as colorful as possible. He explained, “It was sophisticated, but I made it look like something wasn’t enough.

The most memorable scene is, “There is a scene where I meet Dong-eun and kneel down and pray.” Emotions were diverse, and tears had to come out at the right time. I thought it would be hard if I didn’t say okay at once. Fortunately, he said, “Okay came out at once.”

In the meaning of the poster, “I don’t know anything. As you can see, the perpetrators were specified to look at the actors above with a fearful look on their faces,” he said.

The atmosphere at the scene was good, he said. “The team work was tight. But I filmed it so fiercely every time. It was filmed with extreme tension. The actors are so close. There are times when you call your name in the play, and you usually call your real name. “I saw him often even after the shooting,” he said.

Regarding the green shoe brand, he said, “I know you said it was produced in a commentary, but I don’t know exactly.”

The scariest person in the play was Park Yeon-jin, and he said, “Didn’t I do it because I was just bored for no reason?”

Actor Cha Joo-young looked at the profile. Cha Joo-young said, “I entered Utah State University and transferred to Utah University. Unable to overcome his father’s fire, he returned to Utah State University and graduated. My father sent me to study abroad. “I wanted to dance, but there was a lot of opposition,” he said.

“I didn’t think I would become an actor. I wanted to live as a movie character. I kept making suggestions, and I wanted to leave the work I participated in before I got older, so I came at it without anything. These days, I go to the scene every day to film other works,” he said.

As a secret to maintaining my body shape, “When Hye-jung was young, I came out a little fat. It was accurate that the character itself was a glam who had undergone chest surgery. I didn’t think I should go out like that, but fortunately, I think they liked it. “I tried to maintain it without taking care of it during the filming of ‘The Glory’.”

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