AOA Chan-mi

AOA Chan-mi “Change to Dohwa…””I will also act as an actor.” [Interview]

AOA Chan-mi announced a new start, saying she changed her name to Do-hwa with the appearance of “Girls Reverse.”

AOA Chan-mi

“Girls Rivers” is a survival entertainment in which 30 current girl group members who dream of debuting in a virtual space compete to debut as a five-member virtual girl group, hiding their names and identities. Chan-mi, who worked as a virtual character “Do-hwa” in “Girls Rivers,” also changed her actual name to Do-hwa due to the program.

AOA Chan-mi said in a video interview with the dropout of the web entertainment show “Girls Rivers” on the afternoon of the 19th, “There is actually no big reason,” adding, “After changing my name, I think I can live in a different direction from now.”

AOA Chan-mi then said, “I wanted to be called the most and make a name that would fit me the most,” and hoped, “I want to make my own name and live a responsible life just as I made the character Do-hwa myself.”

When asked about his plans for activities after changing his name, he said, “I answered my plans hard in the past, but life didn’t go as planned. There are no concrete plans. However, I want to show myself as an actor this year,” he replied.

AOA Chan-mi said, “When I act, I get to know a person named ‘I’ in the process of getting as close and getting to know a person as possible.” “I like that, so I’m going to focus on acting this year,” he said.

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