Causes and symptoms of macular degeneration self-examination


Macular degeneration is a disease where many people go blind. Macular degeneration has a retina that acts as a film in our eyes. The part where the warden shouts the center is called the central macula of the retina, and the part that focuses is the reflection, and when I wake up, my vision decreases. And then later on, you can’t see your fingers and you can’t see your debt. You can find out the biggest reason. There’s a system that fixes our body if it keeps breaking down, and let it slow down.

As the film acts as a film accumulates in the retina, recognizes it as trash, and eventually the waste accumulates, so I’ll teach you not to see it. Even if it’s macular degeneration, things that promote aging, things like smoking, not taking antioxidants, and bad eating habits, these things can cause macular degeneration. But we don’t even know the exact cause. It’s hard to say that macular degeneration is dry macular degeneration.

Kwon Sung said that there are piles of waste, so the dormitory with a lot of waste is dry. He thinks it’s toxic and reacts in the rest of the normal cells, and bad members dig into it and it’s filled with water, so it’s a bit humid. So it’s called wet macular degeneration, and when the water is full, it becomes malnourished, and it doesn’t go to the arithmetic, so it dies around the devil, and there are times when blood vessels burst and blood comes out a lot.

If that happens, I can’t be more relaxed because of my dad and me. There’s a particular difference in vision loss, but rather than feeling that you can’t see something, you have to test it to make it look distorted or blurry. It’s not a big deal because it’s an amsler grid, but if you look at the center and you look at the center, the grid looks big, you see a ruler, or you see a dent, that part will be ruined.

Or it’s swollen, so you can check if macular degeneration gets worse or better. Not these things, but when you read the letters, you might feel that it looks like you’re breaking up, but it’s not big, so you need to do a self-diagnosis.

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