Pain after crown inlay treatment


After treatment of cavities such as crowns and inlay, when the area is temporarily spicy, there are no symptoms of tooth discomfort, but after treatment of crowns and inlay, there are many cases of pain In this case, I can tell you three things. First, when it’s temporary, you can lose if you eat sticky or hard food, so you use it carefully

I want to chew a bit weakly. I avoid hard food or irritating food. I don’t feel uncomfortable when I use it. And when I finish the final crown or inlay, I wash it with water or dry it hard If that external stimulus is delivered to the teeth, the nerves inside the teeth become a bit sensitive

It might be cold or uncomfortable because of the elasticity and softness of the temporary material, but there’s a final crown job. When you don’t like the hard material, you can take a picture and see it as a nerve. If it’s delivered, it may hurt

When I was getting treatment, it was okay when I did it temporarily after the cavity treatment, but even after a week of my treatment, I often get additional nerve treatment because he feels cold or uncomfortableFor those who are reading this, if you feel uncomfortable after finishing the final treatment, don’t go to the hospital right away

After a week or 10 days, you can keep an eye on it, and then you can go to the hospital to discuss it with the doctor who treated you, and get additional nerve treatment or other treatments

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