LASIK LASEK Re-operation Pain Dry Eye


LASIK said that tears will decrease because of the severed nerve, but it’s already opened again, so it doesn’t mean that it’s worse for dry eyes. And tomorrow, the first layer of insurance is already gone, and the cornea isn’t cut much, so it’s not cut much

So you don’t have to worry about that He’s wrong in many ways, because he still gives Daegu LASEK to the last person who did it But you can come out without wearing it So, for some people, it’s only LASEK LASEK, so it hurts so much. I think it’s already arrived If you tell them to do a major surgery, I’ll just ignore them I don’t want to get old again. But LASIK doesn’t hurt that much

I have to do it again Then, I just do things easily The weather in Seoul is fast. LASEK needs to take medicine for three months and it’s hard to see, so it’s better to re-operate again. It’s so simple that it’s done in 10 minutes and everything heals in 6 hours, so it’s much easier to see

I won’t do it again. If you used it 10 or 15 years ago, there are a lot of people who used it It’s like 90% regression So I think there are a lot of people like that right now, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who heard that you can’t get surgery again when you go to the hospital, but that’s wrong. LASEK has LASEK, LASEK, LASEK, or LASEK, and you can get your eyesight satisfactory

So, I don’t hesitate to do this, and if it’s uncomfortable, I recommend you to do the surgery no matter what. But now, you have to treat dryness well and come to the hospital well so that you don’t come back after the surgery

LASIK doesn’t have much pain, and LASIK is operating on the original incision, and if you listen to the incision carefully, it’s the same as it won’t hurt that much And when I do surgery, I want you to wake up the lens again, so there’s a lot more pain, and Lasek’s case is very painful, so when I do surgery again, I’m going to take a lot less than I used to peel In the past, I might not be able to do half of the same thing

When you don’t go out for 2 seconds or 3 seconds, you don’t have to shave a lot, so it doesn’t hurt that much. Even those who were worried about the pain in the past don’t come back in a day or two. That’s wrong Oh, there are side effects. LASEK doesn’t have that many side effects. So cutting it doesn’t make the preservative worse, it doesn’t make it worse for me, it doesn’t make it worse for me. It’s the most uncomfortable because I have to experience the pain. LASEK is different

You lift and release the intercepts again, so there’s a thin layer on the surface of the cornea during the processing The thin layer has a very high rate of recovery and regeneration, but since it’s my birthday, there’s a 20% chance that the corneal epithelium will grow inwards So, the technique of preventing the incision from twisting or moving is a little difficult, and there can be side effects That can happen in the first LASIK surgery, but not much more in the second surgery

It’s not the same, so you don’t have to strengthen your cornea. I think it’s right to strengthen your cornea when your cornea bites and bring a lot of corneal. Not that, but astigmatismYou don’t have to do it together in cases like this, whether your eyes are actually worse or worse, but there’s a saying that strengthening the cornea itself reduces it, so it’s better to do it

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