Director Lim Soon-rye

Director Lim Soon-rye said, “Hyun Bin, who has always been beautiful, shows his rough and free appearance…Fandom’s expectations. “Interview”.

Director Lim Soon-rye

Director Lim Soon-rye, who directed the movie Negotiation, mentioned Hyun Bin.

Director Lim Soon-rye told various stories about the movie “Negotiation” ahead of its release at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 16th.

“Negotiation” is a movie about a negotiation operation between a diplomat and a local NIS agent who traveled to Afghanistan to save Koreans who were kidnapped by the Taliban in the worst case.

Director Lim Soon-rye focuses on the mission of “people who went to rescue” as professionals and the struggle to save their lives through “negotiation.” In addition, it presents a higher and wider theme consciousness and scale of director Lim Soon-rye’s work world of humanity and respect for life. In particular, the “negotiation” was based on the “Saemul Church Mission in Afghanistan abduction incident” in 2007.

Hwang Jung-min played Jeong Jae-ho, a diplomat specializing in negotiations, Hyun Bin played Park Dae-sik, an NIS agent specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia, and Kang Ki-young played Kasim, a weed-like Korean who survived in a back alley in Afghanistan.

Coach Lim Soon-rye said of Hyun Bin, “I wanted to give him a new role in the atmosphere. I always did beautiful things, but I wanted to show a man who is lonely but living a cool life in the Middle East, not the NIS that we always saw, which is a little wilder and freer. In fact, Hyun Bin’s proportion is not large. He said, “It’s always similar even if it’s one-top and two-top, but I think the timing I wanted to do it with actor Hwang Jung-min was good despite the small portion in Negotiation.”

“After Hyun-bin was cast, each actor was his own brand. I think there’s something that fans are looking forward to. It was used to some extent to the extent allowed in the movie because it does not know what Hwang Jung-min’s fans expect and Hyun Bin’s fans expect. He added, “If the actor said he didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t have done it, but the actor willingly said he would do it.”

Director Lim Soon-rye said, “Actor Hyun-bin’s beard is a mix of real life and makeup. When Hyun Bin said he wanted to show a different side of himself in this movie, he seemed to have thought a lot about how he would look on the outside. I meticulously talked about my hairstyle, beard, and clothes. “I was looking at actor Hyun Bin’s smooth appearance and wondered how his beard would react, but I think he watched it better than I thought,” he expressed satisfaction.

Director Lim Soon-rye also said, “Actor Hyun-bin did a lot of action in ‘Cooperation’ or other movies.” The martial arts teams I went with this time were the teams that always acted with Hyun Bin. It is no exaggeration to say that the action was almost done by actor Hyun Bin. He said, “It’s not a good motorcycle, but I think my athleticism has a good sense of action.”

Meanwhile, ‘Negotiation’ will be released on the 18th.

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