Ham So-won

Ham So-won, Vietnam’s recent migration status, “Price is low and school expenses are high…””Korean and other English kindergartens”

Ham So-won

Broadcaster Ham So-won revealed her recent status after moving to Vietnam.

On the 11th, Ham So-won released an article and video titled “In Vietnam.” The video showed Ham So-won answering questions from netizens.

So-won mentioned the English kindergarten where her daughter attends in Vietnam. “It’s completely different from when I went to an English kindergarten in Korea,” he said.

“In Korean kindergarten, I spoke a little English and the rest spoke Korean. However, in Vietnam, all classes are conducted in English, he said. “Everyone in the kindergarten uses English.” “I can’t help but speak English,” he added.

In addition, So-won said, “I think my daughter was embarrassed for the first one or two weeks,” adding, “I chased the English kindergarten for two weeks.” So I lost a lot of weight,” he said. Kindergarten tuition was also disclosed in general. “Vietnam prices are mostly cheaper than Korea, but tuition is more expensive,” he said.

Earlier in November last year, Ham So-won said, “We decided to have a break in 2023,” adding, “We decided to go anywhere in the country we want to go and live as much as we want.” As he declared, So-won is currently living in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, So-won married a Chinese Jin-hwa 18 years younger in 2018 and gave birth to a daughter in the same year.

On the other hand, Ham So-won and Jin-hwa recently denied the rumor that they dropped out of the show because of rumors of their wife’s dropping out of the show, but it was softened when they revealed and explained that they talked to SNS through direct messages.

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