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It is news that big clubs in the Premier League (EPL) are interested in David Alaba (28), who has not renewed his contract with Bayern Munich.

Munich and Alaba have been in talks over the past year to agree on a contract renewal. However, there is no news of the contract extension yet. It is safe to say that there is no possibility of re-signing now because the conditions of the two sides were so different during the negotiations and the media were exposed to each other after the failure of the negotiations.

Alaba, whose contract expires in June next year, will be able to negotiate with other clubs as a free agent from January 1. In order to receive a small transfer fee, Munich will have to sell off Alaba in the transfer market this winter. This is because a high-quality player can join another team in June without transfer fees 토토

Several teams are interested in this. In particular, it is reported that EPL big clubs are drooling. “Manchester City and Manchester United are officially interested in Alaba agent Finny Zahabi,” Spain’s “As” said on the 21st (Korean time). Chelsea have been watching him for quite some time.

The key is whether Alabama can meet the desired annual salary. The reason why the renegotiation of the contract between Munich and Alabama went awry was that the Alaba’s unreasonable demand for weekly pay. “I think the Alaba agent Zahabi is in a different world,” Munich chief Hassan Salihamizic said in an interview with German media. We can’t do as Zahabi asks. “We won’t do anything crazy that other clubs can do,” he said, harshly criticizing the Allah team 토토사이트

The current Alaba’s required annual salary is about 20 million euros (about 27 billion won), which is more than 500 million won in weekly salary. This is also the highest salary in EPL. It is true that Alaba has the advantage of being able to see center back, right fullback, and even central midfielder. However, considering that he is about to turn 30, weekly pay of more than 500 million won can be very burdensome, so it is important which team will be able to meet the conditions.

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