Harry Kane, who has been showing outstanding performance recently, has already surpassed last season’s offensive point record.

Tottenham won 2-0 against Ant Irv in the 6th Group J match of the UEFA Europa League (UEL) in the 2020-21 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 5 a.m. on the 11th (Korea time). Tottenham, which has 13 points, advanced to the round of 32 tournament as the top player in the group.

Tottenham took out a 3-4-3 formation on the day. Moura, Vinicius and Bale were on the front line, while Regillon, Rosellso, Winks and Doherty were deployed in the midfield. The defense was guarded by Davis, Sanchez and Tang Kang-ga, and Joe Hart wore goalkeeper gloves. Son Heung-min, Kane, Ndombele and Ali were on standby on the bench.

Tottenham, which finished 0-0 in the first half, eliminated Legillon and put Verbine in the second half. Tottenham scored the first goal in the 12th minute of the second half. Bale’s menacing free kick hit the post and flowed. Vinicius finished the ball lightly.

Immediately after scoring, Tottenham removed Bale, Vinicius and Wink and put Son Heung-min, Kane and Ndombele. Tottenham scored an additional goal in the 26th minute of the second half. Cain’s sideways ball was received by Lo Celsso and finished with a left-footed shot. In the end, the match between the two teams ended with Tottenham’s 2-0 victory.

Kane, who assisted with an additional goal by Lo Selso on the same day, reported his 13th career assist this season. 안전공원 In all competitions, he scored 14 goals and 13 assists in 18 matches. He scored 27 points in offense alone. Kane, who scored 24 goals and two assists in 34 games last season, has surpassed last season’s record in half a season.

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