Luis Suarez, 33, is also competing for the top scorer in Atletico Madrid. Suarez’s decision-making power has emerged as his greatest strength.


Suarez is tied for second in the Spanish Primera Liga with seven goals this season. Atletico, which suffered a drop in scoring by Alvaro Morata and Diego Costa last season, is leading the way through newly joined Suarez. It is advantageous because it has the same points after two games less than Real Madrid.

Suarez was forced out of Barcelona before coming to Atletico. Ronald Kouman, the new head coach to Barcelona, has pushed for a change in the front-line striker, fearing Suarez’s aging. Immediately after his inauguration, he even pushed him to the point that he didn’t need to be left.

Suarez also said at the time of the transfer, “There may be tactical problems, but Barcelona didn’t need me. I just had to accept the transfer to Atletico,” he said 안전놀이터

Now Barcelona may miss Suarez. Suarez’s performance is still up and running, but his decision-making ability is significant. Barcelona is currently second in scoring with seven goals, but none of them are in the top five. Lionel Messi follows with six goals, but has a majority of penalty kicks. In other words, Suarez failed to fill the void.

Suarez is the most deadly killer in the chance. Suarez had 11 effective shots while scoring seven goals, according to Spanish media “As.” Suarez, who will turn 34 next year, still has not lost his decision-making power at a high age.

The whole body is a weapon. Suarez has scored in various ways, including four goals with his left foot, two goals with his right foot, and one goal with his head, proving the true nature of the killer.

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