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GS Shop Launches New Spring and Summer Fashion Products

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Home shopping GS Shop, operated by GS Retail, announced on the 8th that it will release eight new exclusive fashion brands, including “Morgan,” “Stefanel” and “Atelier Mazoli,” one after another from the 9th.

GS Shop’s recent fashion strategy is “clothes worn with daughters.” GS Shop explained, “Women in their 50s, the main customer base, also prefer designs worn by young age groups,” adding, “We are aiming for fashion that mothers buy through designs that can captivate women in their 20s and 30s from the beginning, but daughters also enjoy wearing.”

In fact, the number of cases where “daughters” were mentioned in GS Shop’s exclusive fashion brand product reviews more than doubled from 2,865 in 2019 to 6,296 last year.

This season’s notable brands are ‘Stepanel’ and ‘Atelier Mazoli’. Stefanel is Italy’s leading contemporary casual brand, and it was first licensed by GS Shop last year, raising sales of about 10 billion won based on orders.

This year, Stephanel proposes colors with Italian artistic sensibilities and silhouettes with southern Europe. This is the result of active discussions with Stefanel’s headquarters based on customer opinions that it would be nice if Stefanel’s identity was revealed. As an item, we plan to focus on introducing set-ups that can be coordinated with dresses. The first product will be broadcast on February 11th as “Spring Cashmere Half Shawl Coat,” which is highly utilized during the change of seasons.

Atelier Majoli is a brand that contains French chic sensibility by designer Kim Jae-hyun, who led Lucky Chouette. The goal is to give new pleasure to customers with a differentiated look that has not been seen in existing home shopping. Using Irene, who is active as a goalkeeper on SBS’s “The Girls Who Hit the Goal,” as a model, sales of 11 billion won last year were also good. This year, the company plans to expand its supply by more than 15% compared to the same period last year and foster it as its flagship brand. Its main products are ‘frilled blouse’ and ‘knit-top’ in March.

“Morgan” and “SJwani” develop products that utilize their own colors based on a solid fandom as GS Shop’s Morgan will present a jacket and suit as the main, while SJwani will present romantic and elegant clothes in the signature “Wany Flower” pattern. The first product broadcast was scheduled for the 9th and the end of February, respectively.

In addition, new products such as office casual look brand “Briel,” brand “Kim Seo-ryong,” which proposes a smart suit with the best materials in a classic design, modern and minimal brand “Jason Woo,” and trendy young casual brand “La Pipp” are introduced through sign fashion programs such as “The Collection” and “Show Me the Trend” every weekend.

Starting this season, GS Shop’s strategy is to differentiate its products according to the characteristics of customers by various channels, including ▲ Live Home Shopping ▲ My Shop (Data Home Shopping) ▲ Sharpie Live (Live Commerce) ▲ Mobile App (Online Mall). For example, ‘Stepanel Cash Sprite Cardigan’ and ‘Stepanel Renocento Cable Sleeveless’ are sold only on mobile apps, not TV home shopping.

Park Jung-eun, head of the GS Shop’s Oun brand team, said, “As the number of indoor masks increases, the demand for fashion clothes for going out is expected to increase. As the recent increase in prices has made our customers’ wallets thinner, we will make them of good materials and suggest items that can be used in various ways.”

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