I borrowed my dad’s money and bought an apartment. I got 120.3 billion lies.


Mr. A, who is new to society. Despite his poor income reported by the National Tax Service, he bought an expensive apartment this year. The National Tax Service suspected the source of the funds. According to the investigation, he claimed to have borrowed hundreds of millions of won from his fifth cousin’s relatives and presented the details of his loan and interest payments. This was false. A’s father’s money went to A through a relative’s account. The National Tax Service has collected hundreds of millions of won in gift taxes, viewing it as an act of expedient donation.

A worker also reported that he borrowed hundreds of millions of won from his father to buy an expensive apartment. My father also had a loan agreement to pay off his debts over 30 years. However, the National Tax Service viewed it as a false contract. This is because B’s income was not high enough to repay his father’s loan. The National Tax Service also collected hundreds of millions of won in gift taxes.

As loans to the financial sector have been blocked by real estate regulations, many expedient gifts have been caught. The National Tax Service said on Thursday that it has investigated a total of 1,543 people suspected of tax evasion on seven occasions this year and collected 120.3 billion won in additional taxes. Until now, the National Tax Service has been investigating suspected “cautious” tax evasion, including multiple homeowners, real estate corporations, burners and foreigners, and high-priced jeonse subscribers, by subject. The tax probe is still underway on 185 people.

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