I’ve never worn a miko bikini case that made Lee Ha-nui ridicule


I remembered the time when “You Quiz” Lee Ha-nui was humiliated with her first bikini in her life.

Actor Lee Ha-nui appeared as a guest on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” which aired on the 18th.

Lee Ha-nui was a trainee at 2NE1. Lee Ha-nui said, “I went to graduate school and said I would do what I wanted to do now. He said, “I am a graduate student during the day, and I have become a flower that blooms at night at night.”

The reason why Lee Ha-nui became known in earnest was the Miss Korea competition. Regarding the reason for her participation, Lee Ha-nui said, “I don’t think I’ll just live a normal life, but my mother told me to go out,” adding, “It’s the first time I’ve run into my parents so intensely because I really don’t have any thoughts.” “I’m a member of YG and I’m running toward my dream, and if you say that to me, I hate it so much,” he confessed.

However, “When I heard that there was a world competition, I wondered what the Korean beauty was in modern times. “I think I was so curious because I was a person who indulged in Korean beauty with music for a long time,” he said.

He was criticized a lot because of his different appearance from the candidates at the time. Lee Ha-nui, who participated freely without knowing how to walk or stand implicitly, said, “Isn’t it time for YG to exercise a lot? Because I keep dancing. I heard it was impressive that your thighs split when you said “hello. I did whatever I wanted,” he said, giving a smile.

However, this appearance was rather advantageous to Lee Ha-nui. Lee Ha-nui said, “It was the 50th anniversary, so I originally wore a blue swimsuit, but I wore a bikini for the first time.” I’ve never worn a bikini before. It has to have a string, but it’s in tatters. So I tied it up on both sides, and it became a mockery, he said. “It was a halter neck, but I never wore it before (I didn’t know).” I was shaking because I was afraid it would come loose, so I tied the string and went out. “I have a lot of humiliating things,” he said, revealing an unforgettable episode.

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