Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo’s painful life Confession is painful enough and gone

Song Hye-kyo

Actress Song Hye-kyo expressed her honest feelings by recalling her painful life.

Song Hye-kyo appeared in a video uploaded to the YouTube channel Elle Korea on the 18th. Song Hye-kyo had time to answer fans’ questions one by one.

When asked about “the word that gave me the most strength in my life and what I wanted to say to my loved ones,” Song Hye-kyo said, “The word ‘time will solve everything’ was honestly annoying.”

“As time passed, I think that word was the most encouraging. “Time really solved it,” he said, adding that he was able to overcome the difficulties thanks to the passage of time.

Song Hye-kyo said, “What I want to tell the person I love is that if you’re in pain right now, just suffer at this moment. Even if you say not to suffer, it’s not that you’re not suffering,” he said. “I think it’s gone if you just suffer and hurt enough.” “If you keep pushing it away, I think the painful time will be longer,” he explained by melting his own experience.

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