Jessie, you still haven’t made a girlfriend? Up to 5.1% straightforward


Jessie hit a straightforward ball to the four “Dolsing Foremen.”

SBS’s “Dolsing Foreman Without Shoes,” which aired on the 7th, topped the 2049x household ratings at the same time.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Dolsing Foreman Without Shoes,” which aired on the 7th, topped the list at the same time with a target audience rating of 1.8% and a household audience rating of 4.3% in the Seoul metropolitan area. In particular, Jessie’s “blind date taboo behavior” advice, which was a daily relationship coach for a blind date for “Dolsing Foreman,” soared to 5.1 percent per minute.

On this day, Jessie appeared as a daily love coach for “Dolsing Foreman,” which simulates blind dates, drawing attention. As soon as Jessie watched “Dolsing Foreman,” she said, “You still haven’t dated a girlfriend?” and embarrassed her by throwing a straightforward ball.

Dolsing Foreman, who has been on a blind date for a long time, wondered Jessie, “How can I be excited?” and “How can I notice that my opponent is interested in me?” In particular, when Lee Sang-min asked, “Do you like it when I give you a contact number?” Jessie confessed her experience, saying, “No. If you don’t like the other person, you can give me a fake number.”

They also talked about things they should never do on blind dates. Jessie first said, “First of all, don’t bluff!” and added, “You shouldn’t talk too much about yourself. “The other person should make me curious,” he advised.

Like Tak Jae-hoon, he made me laugh, for example, not to say “I’m divorced” and “I live in Jeju Island” first. This scene soared to 5.1 percent on the day, marking the best minute.

When Jessie said, “It’s really not good to give flowers on the first day,” Lim Won-hee, who actually handed over a bouquet of flowers, was surprised, saying, “Is it not good?” Jessie was shocked and said, “No!” It’s too much!” In addition, he advised “Asking about past relationships” and “Dad joke NO” as prohibited actions for blind dates.

After hearing Jessie’s cool and honest advice, “Dolsing Foreman” divided into two and went into a “blind date” simulation. However, Tak Jae-hoon, who went on a serious blind date, was embarrassed when Kim In-sook, the queen of matchmaking, appeared toward him.

Experts Kim In-sook naturally sat in front of Tak Jae-hoon and laughed, saying, “I came out quickly because Tak Jae-hoon was coming out.” When they switched to a blind date atmosphere, they stuttered and showed poor performance ordering the menu.

In particular, Junho threw an unreasonable move with an old man’s joke, while Tak Jae-hoon drew anger from “Dolsing Foreman” and Jessie, who were watching him asking about his last relationship, “I’m sorry, but when was his last relationship?” To make matters worse, when Tak Jae-hoon said to the blind date woman who had the wrong drink, “Do you want my drink?” Jessie was shocked, saying, “If I were in her shoes, I would throw it away.”

When Lee Sang-min and Lim Won-hee’s blind date asked him to guess their age, Lee Sang-min, who was embarrassed, said, “I’m a little older than you next to me,” raising everyone’s eyebrows. In addition, when a blind date woman suddenly asked for fire insurance, Lee Sang-min confessed, “I’m canceling my mother’s insurance these days.”

When asked about his job, another blind date replied, “I’m off work now.” In response, Lee Sang-min suddenly brought up his wife’s story and sighed again, saying, “Until when do you want to rest?”

Meanwhile, “Dolsing Foreman” drew attention by perfectly performing the dance of “Stepped on the Poo,” a project to become an insider with the help of the old dance machine Jeon Jin 광주호빠

“Dolsing Foreman Without Shoes” airs every Tuesday at 11:10 PM.

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