Kim Na-young

Kim Na-young-MyQ Date with Two Sons…Now we’re one family (No filter TV)

Kim Na-young

Broadcaster Kim Na-young enjoyed an open date with her lover MyQ.

On the 8th, the YouTube channel ‘Kim Nayoung’s no filter TV’ said, ‘I just walked with CNU and Lee Joon! A video titled ‘Date Vlog with 6-year-olds and 8-year-olds’ was posted.

On this day, Kim Na-young`s visited a Chinese restaurant with her two sons, Shin-woo, Lee Joon, and MyQ.

CNU and Lee Joon, who had eaten pickled radish even before the food was served, enjoyed a delicious meal without having time to talk when jajangmyeon and sweet and sour pork came out.

After the meal, Kim Na-young said, “After eating jajangmyeon and jjamppong, I go to a cafe because it is too greasy. “There are so many people in the cafe, so you can only go there when it’s open run,” he said, and behind him, his lover MyQ followed Shinwoo and Lee Joon’s hand.

After arriving at the cafe, Kim Na-young`s said, “Huh? “The cafe is gone,” he said, frustrated.

But Mikyu said, “There it is. “Behind you,” he said, drawing laughter by pointing out Kim Na-young’s mistake.

At the cafe, Kim Na-young and Lee Jun played rock-paper-scissors with a finger flick, and Kim Na-young, who is weak at games, was beaten by Lee Jun several times.

In response, Kim Na-young`s caused laughter by having a scuffle with Lee Joon, saying, “Why are you so good?”

In the end, Lee Joon drew attention by saying, “Hit hard,” to Kim Na-young`s who won.

In response, Kim Na-young said, “You shouldn’t cry. “You told me to hit you hard,” he said, and Lee Joon showed his pride, saying, “It doesn’t hurt at all,” but tears gathered around his eyes, causing him to feel sorry.

Lee Jun, who returned home, said about walking and dating all day long, “It was really bad. It’s hard for me to walk. “I should have hugged her,” he said, drawing laughter by shooting at Kim Na-young.

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