Lee Eun Ji and Ahn Yoojin are back together


“Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” is coming back with season 2. The members who left for Thailand last summer are planning to travel to a “cold country” this time, raising expectations.

According to the OSEN report on the 10th, tvN’s new entertainment program “Bbyong Bbyong District Arcade Season 2” is being filmed with the aim of being released in the second quarter of 2023.

“Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” is a new concept hybrid multibus action adventure variety in which four warriors who have gathered to catch the moon rabbit who fled to Earth cross time and space. Producer Na Young-seok’s new entertainment show drew attention, and four entertainment reclusive masters Lee Eun-ji, Oh My Girl Mimi, Lee Young-ji and Ive Ahn Yoo-jin appeared and drew attention.

“Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” drew attention as it was called the women’s version of “New Journey to the West.” The “Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room,” which had a similar worldview and format to “New Journey to the West,” was a combination of Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yoo-jin, and was a great success by creating a fantastic synergy. The combination of Lee Eun-ji’s experienced sense of entertainment, Lee Young-ji’s passionate energy, Mimi’s unique clumsy charm and pronunciation, and Ahn Yoo-jin’s “clear-eyed maniac” even embarrassed the 22-year-old producer.

First aired on June 24 last year, “Bbyongbbyong District Arcade” was organized on Friday night, the biggest battleground for entertainment, with a maximum viewer rating of 3.8%. Viewers’ voices calling for season 2 have also risen for the “Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room,” which boasts a tremendous ripple effect with the combination of the production team of entertainment masters and members beyond it.

In response, PD Na Young-seok raised expectations when asked about season 2 on YouTube of “Channel 15 Night,” saying, “We will show it as soon as possible.” Producer Park Hyun-yong also said in an interview last year, “I hope it will be done as soon as possible.” I think we can do it around next year if we adjust our schedules because everyone is busy,” he said.

“Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” answered with a season 2 comeback to viewers’ expectations. Season 2 of “Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” is scheduled to premiere within the second quarter of 2023. The members will remain the same as Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yoo-jin, and the background of season 2 is scheduled to be the opposite of Thailand, the “hot country.” In particular, the production team raises expectations by predicting a “revenge play” for the members with a more colorful game.

Meanwhile, “Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” season 2 is scheduled for 12 episodes, including the director’s edition.

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