MAMAMOO’s Solar Moon Jae-in contract has been renewed, and Hwasa, Whee In, is also discussing positively.


RBW has revealed the progress of renewing the contract of its artist girl group Mamamoo.

On the 22nd, RBW said, “We are discussing a renewal based on trust in each other with MAMAMOO members,” adding, “We still have the current contract period, but we wanted to give in-depth time to the members who have trusted and joined us for a long time, so we were talking early on.” In the meantime, there were many speculative rumors and inquiries related to this, so we decided to officially disclose the progress.”

“Currently, Solar and Moonbyul have renewed their contracts based on trust and expectations, and Wheein and Hwasa are also exchanging opinions positively.” “As all the members have great affection and pride for MAMAMOO, we expect positive results.”

The debut song of June 2014 was released in June 2014.Mamamoo, who took the first step in the K-pop scene with “ambiguous,” secured an even fan base of men and women with not only perfect live performance but also popular music and colorful stage manners, and got the modifier “believe and listen to Mamamoo.”

Since then, she has been loved by numerous masterpieces such as “Piano Man”, “Um Oh Ah Yeah”, “You Are The Best”, “Decalcomanie”, “Starry Night”, “Egotistic”, “Wind Flower”, “Gogobebe”, “Hip”, “Dingardinga” and “Aya”, and has established herself as the representative girl group of K-pop.

He also stood out in his solo activities, which included the individuality and color of four people along with the wide range of digestion that freely crosses genres, and emerged as a representative player of his “separately and together” move.

In particular, she succeeded in entering all of her solo songs into the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart for the first time in Korea, and has continued to grow as an outstanding all-rounder and is currently at its peak.

Unlike other seventh-year groups, Mamamoo is the only representative girl group in Korea that draws an endless upward curve with increased album sales, steady inflow of foreign fans, and successful solo and group activities.

Many K-pop officials said, “Girl groups generally have a short heyday, but MAMAMOO has more influence over the years, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is the peak,” adding, “MAMAMOO is one of the four teams, and each member has excellent capabilities, but it is more synergistic.”

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