Should Biwa die hard? Legal action for high-level malicious comments.


Rappers BewhY and Kundi Panda announced that they would take legal action against malicious comments.

On the 18th, an official of Dejabu Group, the agency, told HeraldPOP, “We continue to express our apologies for using slang. Both artists are aware that they should be criticized for their wrongdoings.

However, an official said, “Before the full video of KBS Cool FM ‘DAY6’s ‘Kiss the Rider’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dequira’) was released, 150 articles were released in a day,” and that he could not stand those who maliciously swear at artists with only fragmentary parts. In addition, 30 minutes before the appearance of BewhY and Kundi Pandas, the real-time chat room already had curses against two people.

An official said, “It was not the first time that Rain did what he had done, but he did what he had done, and I thought it was because of his petition last week regarding Alpeth. He said he was tired and asked if he should die.”

“We did this wrong, so we have to apologize,” he added, “as he posted in his apology on Saturday.” “I acknowledged it and posted an apology,” he said. “I’m sorry to the staff of ‘Dequira’.” Bewai also contacted Young K personally.

They humbly accept comments like, “Disappointed,” but they even curse their families and tell them to die. “Is this how bad you are?” he said. “Bi has not slept for three days. I will not appear on the radio or broadcast anymore.

Finally, “Anyway, we will punish all malicious comments that are not connected to this case and are not true. “I have no mercy,” he said.

Earlier on the same day, BewhY also posted on his Instagram, “I apologize once again to those who might have been offended by us. However, we will never overlook malicious comments that are written based on malicious editing and fabrication that are different from the actual situation. We have completed collecting a lot of data for punishment, and we will take legal action against malicious rumors or malicious comments and messages without leniency.”

Meanwhile, BewhY and Kundipanda appeared on KBS Cool FM ‘DAY6’s Kiss the Rider’ which aired on May 15. BewhY rejected the request for an acrostic poem, used the slang “good dog,” and Kundipanda refused to “forgot the lyrics” when asked to sing “VVVS.” Later, he was criticized for his insincere broadcasting attitude.

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