Kim Jin

Producer Kim Jin, ‘Difficult Couple’, Launches New Entertainment ‘Living Together, Not Marriage’ during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Kim Jin

Hyperrealism Living Together Observation Love Story “Living Together, Not Marriage,” aims for the Lunar New Year holiday in 2023, showing a new way of love to share daily life.

Channel A said on the 4th, “The new real cohabitation observation love story, Not Marriage, will debut in front of all generations for the Lunar New Year.” As the title suggests, it is different from a temporary camp between a man and a woman who flirts with each other or a virtual marriage that is attempted in a love entertainment show. Real lovers who chose to share their daily lives instead of marriage will be revealed.

There are also various types of cohabitation couples. They include a couple who have been in a relationship for many years, a couple who chose to live together because they were in the beginning stage, and a couple who have been married in the past but have started a new love. They chose to live together, not marry, for various reasons, but will honestly tell them about their worries about a relationship that is never light and the reality of love these days.

In particular, producer Kim Jin of “The Difficult Couple Who Want to Hot Again,” who brought the entertainment craze to Korea, producer So Soo-jung of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” who was loved in a unique format, and writer Chun Jin-young of “Street Woman Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “Swoopa” who was so hot as a syndrome, worked together.

Producer Kim Jin said, “There is a controversy over whether de facto marriage and cohabitation are included in the family category, so I thought it would be nice to throw the topic of cohabitation into the world by now.”

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