The era of “certificate of accreditation,” which has been going on since 1999, will end on the 10th. Existing authorized certificates will be renamed “joint certificates” and can be used for financial transactions as before, and private certificates can be issued that can be used only by fingerprint authentication and password input without installing separate programs such as ActiveX and Keyboard Security programs.

The public certification system will be abolished, but certificates will continue to be required for non-face-to-face financial transactions. In the case of previously used certificates, they do not disappear, but can be used as co-certificates. If the existing certificate has little remaining validity, it can be renewed and used. The joint certificate can be issued through procedures such as checking the real name of a bank window or non-face-to-face real name, just like the existing authorized certificate.

Various private certificates as well as joint certificates will be available for financial transactions. In the banking sector, there are “financial certification services” released by the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, KB Kookmin Bank’s “KB Mobile Certificate,” NH Nonghyup Bank’s “NH One Pass” and Hana Bank’s “HanawonQ Mobile Certification.” There are also private certificates issued by carriers or platform operators such as “PASS Certificate,” “Kakao Pay Certificate,” “Naver Certificate,” “Payco Certificate” and “Toss Certificate” by the three mobile carriers.

Financial institutions available for each certificate may be restricted. In the case of a joint certificate, which is used to replace the existing authorized certificate, it can be used by the entire financial sector, including banks, insurance and securities firms. The Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute’s financial certification service can be used by a total of 22 financial institutions, including major banks, and in the case of self-certification issued by some banks, such as Kookmin, Hana, Nonghyup, and companies, use may be restricted by other financial institutions. An official from the Financial Services Commission said, 토토커뮤니티 “Each certificate has different methods of use and range of use by financial companies and financial transactions, so we need to recognize and choose the certificate that suits us in advance.”

Certificates available for financial transactions can be issued on applications (apps) or websites of financial companies such as banks (Internet and mobile banking). Even if you visit the bank in person or receive a non-face-to-face issuance, you must go through the real-name verification process such as submitting a copy of your ID card or making a video call.

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