Advantages of non-slit implants (without gum incision)


An incisionless implant is a good way to perform minimal incisions on the gums and finish off with a lid called healing abutment when the entire body is not caught and the gums are not exposed

It’s a fast recovery procedure, because doctors who have a lot of anger to figure out exactly where to plant and what the inner gum bone looks like from outside the gums can plant it correctly  비아그라 구입

Most implant clean mist surges are difficult to perform without incision If you have to do a bone transplant, it’s hard to put the bone inside your gums because it doesn’t open It’s a procedure that can be performed in such a case without any difficulty in performing a surgery that has a good gum bone and is burdensome

One good thing about an incision is that it doesn’t cut into the gums, so it doesn’t happen and it doesn’t get caught, so there’s less foreign matter

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