After relationship vaginitis is itchy


Q: A woman in her early 20s. I have mastered since middle school, and now I have sex with a married man in his 30s who is my boss at work about twice a week. I usually do it at my house. (My boyfriend is serving in the military right now.)

I tend to get vaginitis after a relationship, so I often get itchy. It smells so bad that the other person never touches my genitals with his mouth. Another problem is that the pleasure of masturbation is much lower than before. Should I go to the hospital for treatment?

A: If you have frequent vaginitis symptoms after a relationship, be sure to visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment. If left untouched, pelvic inflammation can occur, and in severe cases, you can suffer from the fatal aftereffects of infertility  정품비아그라 

Also, frequent vaginitis irritation may reduce pleasure, so please visit a nearby hospital for treatment as soon as possible. It is not recommended because self-treatment with vaginal cleansers or female cleansers can become chronic and worsen the condition.

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