Cerebral infarction Dizziness vessels (covine-trained microvascular blockage) + menopause depression


Q: My father is 54 years old now. Mid-50s. It’s almost been two years since I had a cerebral infarction. The hospital said the cerebellum and training microvascular are clogged.

They complain of dizziness when the weather is cold or the temperature difference is big since last winter. He usually lies down at home and takes a walk sometimes. I’ve been exercising less than before.

You are currently taking basic medication, depression medication, and sleeping pills prescribed by Neurosurgery. The symptoms seemed to be getting better after discharge, but he is suffering from cerebral infarction from this year.

I’ve been acupuncture at an oriental medical clinic. It didn’t work. Recently, he has been suffering from menopause depression. Before the onset of cerebral infarction, there was no diabetes and blood pressure was normal, which is very unfortunate. Is there any way to improve my symptoms?

A: It appears that my father is currently on anti-brain infarction medication. This disease is likely to recur at any time. Therefore, the patient should exercise steadily and take medication. Periodic progress observation is required.

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