Child’s Fingernail Mark Pane Scar Laser Removal


Q: An 8-year-old boy has a fingernail scar on his face. A kid living in the neighborhood scratched his face with his fingernails.

I have a scar about 5cm in length on my cheek. It’s been a month now.

Skin plastic surgery wants to do laser treatment about 3 times in 6 months. I’m wondering if it’s better to do it after becoming an adult or at this age.

I wonder how many scars can be removed by laser molding. Won’t it hurt? I’m upset and worried.

A: Facial nail scars often invade the dermis and leave scars.

In this case, scar ointment such as Contra-Tubex, Cica Care, and Cica-Plust is applied steadily, and treatment is carried out to regenerate the cut scar through laser.

Laser regeneration is treated with a FREXNAL laser and a vessel laser that removes erythema.

Treatment is recommended before the scar is completely hardened (within 1 month). It’s because it’s less likely to leave a scar 씨알리스판매

If you apply enough ointment for anesthesia and proceed with the surgery, you don’t have to worry about it because it doesn’t hurt much.

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