Gardasil 4 and 9 to prevent cervical cancer


Cervical cancer vaccines can be inoculated regardless of whether they are sexually tested or examined for uterine cancer. In order to prevent cervical cancer and gonorrhea caused by HPV, people who have experienced gonorrhea must be vaccinated against cervical cancer.

There are currently two vaccines that have been proven to be effective, called Gazil and Gazil 9 (nine), respectively.

Gadasil is a tetravalent vaccine aimed at preventing cervical cancer and gonorrhea.

Gazil 9 (nine) is a 9-valent vaccine that prevents nine virus types, so Gazil 4 is more effective.

Gazil is usually recommended for women in their 20s and 30s, and Gazil is recommended for women in their 40s and later 비아그라파는곳

Gadasil is not a treatment vaccine, so it does not remove the current gonorrhea, but it is recommended to get the vaccine because it is effective in preventing various women’s diseases such as cervical cancer caused by HPV.

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