As the number of new cases of coronavirus infections increased rapidly amid the third wave, more than 500 patients were confirmed in the Seoul metropolitan area, but they were not assigned sickbeds and were waiting at home. Some of them are believed to have been waiting for more than two days. If quarantine measures are not carried out quickly and people wait at home, additional confirmation may occur due to family or local infections.

“There’s a lot of waiting patients in the Gyeonggi area.”
“Discussing self-treatment for children”

“There were about 506 patients waiting for their homes in the Seoul metropolitan area yesterday, and there were many patients in Gyeonggi Province,” said Isran, head of the patient’s sickbed management team at the Central Accident Control Headquarters (MSS), in a regular back briefing on Corona 19.

“Although all 506 people do not wait for more than two days, there are those who wait for more than two days if they want to enter a living treatment center near (home) or if they want to use a family room (on a family basis),” said Lee.

“We’re making sure that the results are confirmed, and it takes about a day to move to a nearby center or hospital, and we’re making sure that we don’t go beyond that,” he said. “Most of the 506 people are waiting to be admitted to a living treatment center, and about 100 people (out of 506 people) are waiting for admission to the hospital.”

In particular, regarding the Gyeonggi area, he said, “The pace of the living treatment center and beds (secured) is not keeping up with the occurrence of confirmed cases,” adding, “We expect (the home waiting situation) to be resolved because there is a direct hospital (the Corona 19 patient) that will open sometime today and tomorrow.”

According to the heavy water body, a “home care system” is also in operation in Gyeonggi Province, where a specialist frequently checks the condition of Corona 19 patients waiting at home by phone. 안전놀이터

The president of its beds shortage problem, ” when it comes on the proposed ‘doctoring oneself’ as an alternative method of treatment centers for the patient’s life and to spend during the course of treatment.Principles, but in families and pediatric patients and those discussions to be (Application of self-medication). ” ” At present, the central headquarters (bangdaebon) preventive measures against expert opinion.Collecting, said.

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