Implant after teeth extraction? Is it okay to leave it unattended?


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. The upper right molar is rotten. I think I have to remove it no matter what. Two years ago, when I was undergoing neurosurgery, I decided to remove it or put up a column, but I left it unattended because I was scared. That wind has brought us to this point.

I gained weight in my right rotten tooth. If I have to remove my teeth, do I need to get an implant? A lot of people said I don’t have to do the molar in the middle. I don’t have wisdom teeth, but I put gold on the bottom right molar. I didn’t get any neurological treatment.

A: The upper right back molar is badly damaged. The flesh in the rotten tooth probably grew out of the inflammation.

Please visit your nearest dentist as soon as possible for medical treatment. It is recommended to remove it quickly if it is not treatable 온라인약국 비아그라

The spot where the tooth has been removed should be filled with implants or prosthetic treatment. As time goes by, the denticle in the spot decreases. If left unattended for a long time, it may be impossible to perform treatment or bone transplant due to poor bone condition when implanting later.

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