Is it possible to insert a genital prosthesis in a paraplegic patient?


If you have an unfortunate accident about paraplegia, they want to have a family life because they’re healthy, but they also want to have sexual function, so if you have to do it, will it be unfair or inflatable? Depending on the patient’s condition?

It’s split up a little while ago, but basically because the inflatable implant sounds more natural, and because it’s stronger, it’s okay. The surgery is more tiring. When it’s really cold, they don’t need pants It’s because I’m still anesthetizing my lower body You can operate at home, and the next thing you need to be more careful about is that the doctor has to die, but he’s in a wheelchair 시알리스 파는곳

So, I heard that you have to eat the location of the pump that works in Pyeongchang, but there’s something you have to pay more attention to You don’t have to worry about that, because the surgical technology takes care of everything in a specialized hospital Likewise, patients with paraplegia can perform inflatable prosthesis surgery

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