Maybe it’s because of the wound after the fifth day of the haemorrhage


Q: A woman in her early 20s with irregular menstrual cycles. I’ve been bleeding illegally for 5 days now. After the relationship, my boyfriend inserted his finger into my genitals and rubbed my ears with a cotton swab, is this the cause?

Five days ago, brown blood came out, and three days ago, red blood like menstruation began to come out. The amount of bleeding is usually about the first day or two after menstruation. My stomach hurts like a menstrual pain. Is this your period? Or is there a wound in the vagina? 비아그라 파는곳

A: You can wait and see the progress of one-off irregular bleeding, but if the bleeding lasts for five days and the amount of bleeding is high, please consider obstetrics and gynecology treatment. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, it’s possible that your period may have started

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