My ears are cracking. (Catching my jaw)


Q: A woman in her mid-30s. My ears crack even though I didn’t talk or move.

I had jaw joint pain in the past, but now I have no pain after receiving treatment twice after childbirth. Not long ago, I heard a popping sound in my ear.

Even when I speak or read, my pronunciation doesn’t come out accurately. What kind of treatment should I get? At first, it was treated with acupuncture at an oriental clinic and secondly at an orthopedic clinic, but only the pain subsided. Will I be able to get a definite correction?

A: When you open your mouth or eat, there are various causes of jaw joint noise that makes sounds in front of your ears. Most of them occur due to ligament abnormalities that hold discs and discs in the joint.

Visit the oral department of a nearby dental university hospital for a precise diagnosis. After that, split treatment, physical therapy, and medication if necessary will be combined.

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