Ovulation yellow cold (yellow runny nose) vaginal secretions smell


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. I’m working as an academy instructor. Currently, I have a boyfriend, but I also have several men (students) I meet separately. Relationships are held three to four times a week.

These days, I’m worried that yellow nengmyun (yellow nengmyun) comes out in large quantities before and after menstruation during ovulation. It doesn’t itch, but it smells a little sour vaginal secretions. I hope it’s not a symptom of vaginitis. Should I use a vaginal cleanser? Do I have to visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment?

A: vaginal secretions are secreted more during ovulation. It’s normal. Usually, transparent cold comes out, but when vaginitis occurs, the cold color may change to yellow, light green, etc., or vaginal odor, itching, etc. may occur.

If a large amount of yellow cold comes out, it is usually likely to be vaginitis symptoms, but it may be a mixture of urine or other foreign substances due to structural problems of the vagina.

Please visit a nearby obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment. The specialist will provide accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Self-treatment with female cleansers and vaginal cleansers can temporarily relieve symptoms, but it is difficult to expect complete treatment. Rather, it can worsen symptoms due to chronicity, so care should be taken in using it.

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