Post-relationship chest pain (breast pain) Childbearing age extrapolation


Q: I’m a woman in her early 20s. I’m worried about chest pain after the relationship these days. After having a relationship with my boyfriend during childbearing two days ago, I had chest pain the next day.

I put on a condom, but a few minutes later, my boyfriend’s erectile dysfunction came off and fell out during the relationship. I didn’t feel bad, I felt bad for my face.

I usually had chest pain a week before my scheduled period, but this time I’m worried because I have chest pain from 14 days before my menstruation. Is there a possibility of pregnancy? 인터넷비아그라

A: Post-relationship chest pain is a symptom that can occur even if it is not a premenstrual sign or pregnancy symptom. There seems to be little chance of pregnancy. Even if you have an intravascular assessment during childbearing, early pregnancy symptoms (such as breast pain) do not appear the day after the relationship, so you don’t have to worry too much.

It may be due to psychological effects, so please watch the progress a little more, and if the pain persists, visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment.

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