Self defense poisoning, semen like a lump of jelly


Q: I’m a 22-year-old male. I do self-defense 2-3 times a day. Recently, I was hospitalized for about a month due to a car accident. After discharge, I masturbated at home, and after the assessment, I looked at the semen and found a substance that looked like a lump of jelly. Is there a big problem?

A: It’s normal. The state of semen may vary in color and concentration depending on the frequency and condition of the assessment. What is important in semen testing is the number, motility, and shape of sperm. Don’t worry.

If you do self-defense every day, you have narcissism. During masturbation, sexual daydreaming occurs, which excites a person by secreting a substance called dopamine in the brain. All addiction (gambling, alcohol, sex, drugs, etc.) is resistant to the secretion of dopamine, which leads to something more stimulating. If you get married in this condition, it’s hard to have a relationship with a normal relationship 비아그라 파는곳

I should recognize myself as an addict to be treated and make efforts to gradually reduce the number of self-defense.

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