Symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by prostate contractions in the 30s


Q: I’m a single man in my early 30s. The first time I started self-defense was when I was in the first grade of middle school. At that time, I was so energetic that I did it more than three times a day.

After I was discharged from the army, I did it about six times a week. At this time, there were no mild erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

I’ve had such symptoms since I was a kid. Things like urination and discomfort after urinating. Reducing self-defense improves those symptoms a lot.

These days, not only erectile dysfunction, but also 60-70% erectile dysfunction. If you focus on the situation, your lower abdomen gets stiff and painful.

Usually, there are intermittent symptoms of stiffness, but discomfort and urination are more uncomfortable than pain.

I came to the urology department just in case because I found out that there are many infertile couples who are about to get married. I took a semen test, and nothing special was found, and about 10 white blood cells were found. Are these symptoms related to frequent masturbation?

If you focus on the assessment, it’s hard to have sex because your spine is stiff. Bin도o is back again. If you have a prostate problem, I heard it’s better to periodically assess it, but in my case, it feels worse.

A: It’s a symptom unrelated to prostateitis. You don’t have to worry about infertility. It’s a symptom that happens when the autonomous nerve that controls the prostate contracts. If this continues, neurological erectile dysfunction occurs 비아그라판매

The more you pay attention, the worse your erectile dysfunction will be. Prostate contractions are getting worse.

First of all, relax by taking a warm bath, and avoid excessive self-defense. Over time, all the symptoms will return to normal.

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