The reason why the semen tastes sweet bitter salty and sour


Q: I’m a man in my early 30s. I had sex with many women since I was in high school. What they said in common is that my semen tastes sweet (after testing in my mouth, I feel joy when they eat mine). I thought other men had sweet taste like me.

Some women were older than me, but they told me after the relationship. You’re the first person who has a sweet taste in semen. Don’t tell me you’re diabetic. I’m worried about what kind of illness you have.

A: The semen tastes different from person to person. Bitter or bitter taste like raw egg, sweet, bitter, salty, sour, etc. The difference in taste depends on your eating habits. It doesn’t matter much. Don’t worry.

If you want to feed a woman with delicious semen, you have to drink a lot of water. If you quit drinking and smoking, and eat a lot of vegetables, you can reduce the bitter taste of semen.

If you eat a lot of meat, fish, and dairy products, it tastes salty, and if you smoke and drink constantly, it tastes sour.

Frequent consumption of fruit or grain yields a sweet taste (the canned fruit soup is especially strong).

The worst food is asparagus. It has a bitter taste and a very unpleasant.

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