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Q: I’m worried about premature ejaculation. I tried the premature ejaculation medicine, but it didn’t work. After reading several reviews, premature ejaculation is likely to work best, but on the other hand, I’m worried. Is it okay to have an extra dermis transplant?

A: Premature surgery and medication are frequently performed for premature ejaculation. Medication is a one-time event, so it’s not a small cost, but it’s one of the ways to treat premature ejaculation as it’s easily accessible.

Recently, additional dermis alveolar surgery, which dulls the entire sense of penises and earbuds, is usually performed. It covers the entire penis with dermis and dulls it. It also dulls some parts of your ear by peeling off the border of your ear and putting in the dermis. Additional dermal transplants can control the level of sensitivity, and the surgery results are natural and permanently effective. Also, there are few side effects such as neuralgia and the possibility of recurrence.

The pain is accompanied by a few days after surgery, so be careful when you drive or work too hard, and make sure to take prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. You should refrain from having sex and drinking for a month.

premature ejaculation occurs for several reasons. Therefore, you should visit the urologist for an early bird test for accurate judgment. Choose whether to operate or not through sufficient consultation with a specialist.

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