What is chemical pregnancy?


In the past, it was difficult to recognize the implantation of fertilized eggs when pregnancy diagnosis technology was not developed, but as the use of pregnancy testing machines increases, more and more patients are experiencing chemical pregnancy. When fertilized eggs are pregnant, HCG hormones that determine pregnancy are secreted by blood or urine. Check the HCG hormone level on the scheduled date of menstruation, and the period begins a little later than the scheduled date, which is called chemical pregnancy (or chemical miscarriage).

Eggs and sperm meet to form fertilized eggs and divide cells to prepare ideas. Since the cells that make up the human body are about 50 trillion won to 120 trillion won, they must continue to grow quantitatively until they develop into fetuses. , If an embryo fails to conceive successfully for various reasons while preparing for pregnancy, it immediately experiences a chemical pregnancy. To be exact, because the idea was not successful, the pregnancy was not established and was not classified as a miscarriage.

Although the exact cause cannot be determined because there are many influencing factors, most experts think chromosomal abnormalities are the biggest cause. During the early development of the embryo, the chromosomes are evenly split and are not pulled to one side, or the implantation fails due to a lack of HCG hormone secretion, which is essential for implantation during the development process. The role of hormones not only thickens the uterine wall, but also secures hormones with advanced blood vessels and prevents immune cells from attacking the fetus 필름형 비아그라

Older couples are usually more likely to experience this, and rather not knowing about chemical pregnancies may be more helpful in future pregnancy attempts. The reason is that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t taken the pregnancy test, but there are many things I worry about if I find out through the test. One of the things I want to advise a lot of people is that even if you’re going to get pregnant, you shouldn’t check if you’re pregnant within two weeks.

If you get tested early and see a blurred line, you’ll be worried about your expectations, but you’re often psychologically anxious to know about chemical pregnancy. You don’t have to create stress because it’s more successful to be comfortable even if you try to get pregnant as much as possible. Check the results at least 2 to 3 weeks after bedtime through the pregnancy test

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