What’s the effect of a woman’s four-legged parasite called fucidine lotion?


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. I have a lover, but there are several men who have sex separately.

Six months ago, the area around the vagina was swollen red. I put on lotion because I thought it was because of a parasite that lives near my hair. The symptoms got worse.

After applying fucidin, I thought my symptoms were relieved at first, but it got worse at some point.

I’m currently applying antiviral ointment after purchasing it, but I can’t stand the itch and the rash on my skin has widened.

It’s embarrassing to go to the dermatologist because it’s a shameful part. Will it get worse? Can’t you make it better naturally?

A: Symptoms of quadriplegic teeth are suspected. If you’ve identified the parasite attached to the plot, it’s clear. It doesn’t work even if you apply lotion or fucidin.

I need to visit a nearby urologist for medical treatment as soon as possible. Procedures for disinfecting blankets and clothes are also necessary.

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