When you have a headache, what foods are good for each potato disease?


Try eating fish or carbohydrates when you are depressed.

Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish are either moody, anxious, or depressed.

It’s supposed to help ease it.

The American Psychological Association recommends that fatty acids in fish are effective in treating depression!

Bananas are the source of all the diseases!

Nutrition specialists say, “If you feel stressed, look for bananas.”

It’s a banana that calms hunger and slowly raises blood sugar.

Vitamin B6 contains 30% of the recommended daily intake.

It helps the production of the neurotransmitter, Setrinin!

Good raisins for hypertension!

One handful of raisins contains 1 gram of fiber and 212 milligrams of potassium.

Both ingredients are the most recommended substances for high blood pressure diet.

The polyphenols in raisins, wines, and wines are made up of polyphenols.

Studies that keep heart blood vessels healthy and lower blood pressure

It’s true that a lot of classes have already been revealed!!

Chamomile tea is good for reflux esophagitis, which is hard for many office workers like me!

Camomile, which is good for rheumatoid diabetes, is good for digestive inflammation, convulsions, and gas relief.

It’s known to be good!

If you drink chamomile tea three or four times a day,

It can prevent the burning sensation caused by reflux esophagitis.

Cabbage is good for stomach ulcers.

As much of cabbage is already known!

Cabbage contains a chemical called sulforaphane.

It’s a substance that causes gastric and digestive ulcers.

It is known to exterminate Helicobacter pylori and also helps control stomach tumor growth!

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