It is a wise choice to start the day with stretching. Stretching in the morning improves blood flow to provide oxygen to each organ of the body, and increases muscle activity to start a lively day. Stretching consists mainly of motions that stimulate the muscles of the whole body, such as stretching. However, when you wake up in the morning, your body temperature is low, so you should start stretching slowly and do not overdo it.

Breakfast stretching is performed in the following order and methods.

1. Bend forward
Bend Forward_1
1. Sit with your back straightened or stand in a standing position, then fold your hands and place them on the back of your head below the top of your head.

Bend Forward_2
2. Push both hands down so that the muscles in the back of the neck can feel a sense of renunciation (slice and stretch) so that the chin touches the chest.

2. Bend Back
Bend Back_1
1. To sit with one’s back extended or stand in a standing position.Put your hands in your hands and put them on your forehead.

Bend Back_2
2. Pull both hands upwards so that the muscles in the front of the neck can feel a sense of renal failure (the feeling of thinning out) so that the nose is facing the sky.

3. Holding the elbow and pulling back the arm
Holding the elbow and pulling the arm back_1
1. Stand upright and raise your left arm to the left of your head.Bend the left elbow so that the left hand touches the back neck or upper back, and raise the right hand to hold the left elbow.

Holding the elbow and pulling the arm back_2
2. Pull the left elbow held with the right hand toward the head until you feel a sense of sinusiness (slice and spread out).Do the same for the other side.

4. Stretch your fingers behind your back
Stretch your fingers behind your back_1
1. Stand upright, stretch your arms behind your back, fold your fingers, and stretch your elbows completely.

Stretch your fingers behind your back_2
2. Raise your arms until you feel a sense of neoclassitude (split and stretch) on the muscles of your chest and shoulders.

5. Lying down and raising the body
Lie down and lift up the body_1
1. Lie face down with your stomach and forehead on the floor.Stick your arms to your side and touch the floor with your palm.The lower the palm of the hand on both pelvis, the greater the stretching effect.

Lie down and lift up the body_2
2. Slowly push the palm of your hand to make arches on your back, keeping your chest and abdomen completely off the floor.

6. Bend sideways
Bend sideways_1
1. Start with a standing or sitting position; stand with the legs crossed.Raise your arm behind your head to position it and pull your elbow down with your other hand.

Bend sideways_2
2. At the same time, the waist and torso should be slightly bent in the same direction and the posture should not be staggered or rotated.Repeat the opposite direction.

7. Standing and Bending Body
Standing Bend Your Body_1
1. Spread your feet over the width of your pelvis and stand with your toes facing forward.

Standing Bend Your Body_2
2. Keep your knees relaxed and bend your back so that your fingertips face the floor.You have to feel a sense of deity at the back and waist of your thigh.

8. Bend your knees forward
Bend your knees forward_1 토토커뮤니티
1. In a standing position, take a big step forward with the left foot, bend the knee of the left leg, and make both feet face forward.

Bend your knees forward_2
2. Bend your left knee 90 degrees with your back and back straight and lower your right knee with the feeling of touching the floor. Slowly return to the first position using the force of the lower body. Repeat with the right leg in the same way.

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