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Wu Yi-eon drops out of “I Live Alone.” Rumors of his marriage to Seo Ji-seung, a public lover, have emerged, but he reportedly dropped out to focus on acting, his main job.

Lee Si-eon said on social media on the 9th, “I am going to leave MBC’s entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ for the last five years,” adding, “After a long discussion with the production team, I conveyed my wish to have a little more time as an actor, and after much consideration, we made this decision together.”

“For me, ‘I Live Alone’ is full of precious memories that I will never forget. I was able to have a really happy time thanks to the production team who always showed faith with great support and the members who shared their preciousness for a long time,” he recalled.

He said, “I think I’m all very lucky to be able to receive a lot of attention and love not only as an actor but also as a human being. Looking back, everything is just precious and grateful,” he showed affection.

Regarding the rumor that he is marrying Seo Ji-seung, Lee’s side drew a line, saying, “Never.”

The production team of “I Live Alone” thanked Lee. The production team said, “I thank Lee Si-eon, a member of ‘I Live Alone’ for giving me joy with a heavy presence and big laughter over the past five years,” adding, “I am sorry to respect the opinion of Lee Si-eon, who wants to focus on acting, but I made the decision.” I hope that I will continue to be successful as an actor in the future, and I will cheer for you together.”

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