After giving birth the menstrual base and uterus feel like falling out


Q: It’s been 15 months since I gave birth by birth. Since the birth of a baby, each menstrual period shows symptoms such as uterine dislocation, not menstrual cramps.

It feels like the baby’s head was on her butt when she gave birth, every time she menstruates.

Recently, I had a lot of pain to the point where I collapsed on the street. It’s hard to pee and poop during menstruation. I feel like the bottom is falling off. It’s still heavy and painful at the bottom.

I recently visited the hospital and had an ultrasound test for vaginitis.

The ultrasound was normal and there was no vaginitis. Since then, my period has burst and I’ve been in a lot of pain 온라인비아그라

A: Take anti-inflammatory drugs first. Strengthen your pelvic muscles by exercising steadily like squats. Then the feeling and pain of the uterus will be eased gradually.

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