First day of pregnancy, premature boyfriend


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. I had sex on the first day of my pregnancy. My boyfriend was premature, so he had a short vaginal injury within four minutes (within five pistons).

There was a lot of white stuff on my inner thigh, but it didn’t flow, so I guess it’s probably cold. (My boyfriend has never produced a lot of it before.) Right? There’s no chance of pregnancy, right?

I’m nervous, but I don’t want to take contraceptive pills because of the side effects.

It’s been 72 hours since we’ve been involved.

My menstrual cycle is usually about 27 days. The previous menstrual cycle is the 24th, so if you calculate it on average, you might think it’s not a childbearing period, but it’s just complicated.

A: Irregular menstrual cycles can cause fertility errors. In fact, there are quite a few women who became pregnant on a date that was not considered childbearing.

The fertility period is not accurate, and the probability of pregnancy is not high because it is not vaginal.

But it’s hard to say there’s no possibility of pregnancy at all. If you’re not going to take a contraceptive pill afterwards, the only way is to wait.

About two weeks after having sex, you can check your pregnancy through a pregnancy test.

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