Baby’s head hit head shock


Q: A hundred days old baby’s head hit a chair yesterday afternoon. It was a plastic chair. The baby cried a lot because of the head shock.

I saw blood on my forehead and it was a little swollen. I saw a bruise this morning. First, I applied fucidine.

I fed him milk this morning, and he threw up right away. Fortunately, I’m eating well and sleeping well now, but I’m very worried about the baby’s head accident. Should I go to see a doctor?

A: Accidents that fall or fall and head impact can occur very often in babies, so be careful at all times.

The baby skull is not as hard as an adult, but it can withstand some shock.

Plastic chairs do not appear to be a shock of theft that will cause problems in the skull or ventricular tract.

A baby’s head bump, or head trauma, needs to be monitored carefully for about three days.

Unlike usual, if you don’t vomit often, twitch, or make good eye contact, you should visit the hospital as soon as possible for an examination.

If the baby plays well and eats well, you don’t have to worry too much.

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