Pulling the back of the neck, drooping eyes, heart pounding


Q: I’m a woman in my late 30s. There are symptoms of back neck tugging, eye drooling, and heart palpitations. Blood pressure is normal, always lethargic. My current job is an instructor at an academy.

I’m skinny and I don’t smoke. I drink about 4 bottles of beer a month. Eating habits and living habits are irregular. Even though I sleep more than nine hours every day, I don’t feel refreshed when I wake up. My head is always blank and I’m always tired.

From a few months ago, my eyes look blurry and sometimes I get headaches. My memory got really bad and I got tinnitus 비아그라판매

From two weeks ago, I have pain in the middle of my back bone as well as heart palpitations. My knee joints sometimes hurt, but the hospital said there was nothing wrong with them. Maybe it’s because I have a fever when I’m stressed, but I sweat a lot under my armpits. There are also symptoms such as pulling the back of the neck or bleeding on the head. Sometimes the back of the right side of the head is tingling. Why do these symptoms occur?

A: This is a symptom that can occur when the muscles around the shoulder or neck are stiff. Heart palpitations can be caused by arrhythmia, so please see a doctor.

For muscle stiffness, medication and physical therapy will relieve it. Eye irritation can also occur due to muscle stiffness. I recommend visiting a nearby hospital for treatment.

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