Bone pain under the ankle bone


Q: A woman in her early 30s. Since childhood, bones have been sticking out under the ankle bone. When I was in middle school, I used to limp due to extreme pain while exercising. I also wore a compression bandage.

Currently, I’m so fine that I can’t remember the pain at that time. However, wearing shoes that you wear when you skate or ski makes you feel like your bones are pressed under your ankle bone and sometimes bleed. But it’s not a disease, and there’s nothing else but pain when I’m particularly tired or tired, so I just used a pressure bandage and worked out.

Then, I had pain again since last winter. (I tuned my ski boots and wore them.) When I put strength on the soles of my feet or pressed hard, my bones would pop out without fail. It’s not a severe pain, but I get angry because it hurts periodically.

What is this bone? I think it’s bigger than when I was young. Is it growing? It’s on both feet. The size is different. When running or walking, the protruding bones often bump into each other. Is it too serious?

A: This bone is called columnar bone. It doesn’t grow little by little by little. It seems to be because the tendons attached to this bone and the surrounding tissues are swollen. The symptoms seem to be severe 비아그라 판매

It looks similar to flat feet. There are many times when there is continuous or repetitive movement and discomfort due to structural problems of the foot. It would be better to visit the hospital as soon as possible for medical treatment.

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