Side effects of breast augmentation surgery? Re-surgery (removal of prosthesis) causes sagging?


Q: A woman in her late 20s. I had breast augmentation surgery four months ago. I did a good massage and care after the surgery, but I’m not satisfied. Of course, I knew that it didn’t feel like a natural chest, so I had the surgery. When I touch it, it’s too hard and too big to fit around my chest. I was a bit down. Can’t we go back to before we get breast plastic surgery?

A: It’s been four months since I had breast augmentation surgery, but it seems to be harder than I thought. Hard or unnatural is a very subjective expression. (You need to consult in person to judge accurately.)

Saline or silicone gel (cohesive gel) implants cannot be exactly the same as natural breasts. It should be taken into account to some extent.

If you touch it too hard or your chest is too big, you may consider reoperation. You can remove the implant completely. However, symptoms of a slight sagging cannot be avoided after surgery. Keep in mind that it can’t be exactly the same as before surgery.

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